iconic To Conduct Remote Editing Webinar

The cloud-based media management provider, iconik, has announced it will conduct a webinar to support remote editing workflows.

On March 31st at 1pm, iconik will demonstrate collaboration and video editing through its iconik platform, with two team members  located on different continents.

The webinar is aimed at co-workers, currently navigating the challenges of remote working as an emergency measure. It will demonstrate an effective solution for teams to deliver video whilst operating in isolation.

The webinar will begin with an explanation of the process of ingesting media into the platform. The two collaborators; based in Sweden and the US respectively, will progress through the various stages of remote editing, demonstrating tagging using custom meta-data fields as well as AI functions that remove the need to tag content manually, as iconik has the capability to analyze content and tag automatically. The teams will also showcase the collaborative process of annotation, which allows users to communicate changes and highlight issues through time-based comments. Finally, the teams will demonstrate a review and approval process in real-time, to complete the project without having to be in close proximity.

Streamlining remote processes will enable video production companies to continue operations effectively and support colleagues. The iconik platform is already established within several high-profile organisations, with teams experienced in off-premises workflows. The platform supports hybrid-cloud storage, proxy video streaming and editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Parham Azimi, CEO, iconik, commented: “The huge shifts in company workflows in recent weeks have challenged many creative businesses. While these vital constraints on physical interaction are in place, it’s important that companies find new ways to manage workflows. This webinar aims to demonstrate some innovative solutions, for effective remote editing and collaboration.”

Ray Tarara, Google Developer Studio, Operations, recently said about iconik: “iconik has made it much easier for our team to find and organize footage. Thankfully we had already implemented iconik as a crucial part of our team’s workflow prior to needing to go remote, it has made the transition much easier. We’re now transitioning to having our content creators record from home and deliver to our remote editors, and iconik is making it much easier to achieve this.”

Due to the immediate need to adapt workflows and processes, iconik is offering to enable businesses with a free trial for 30 days. This set-up will support a team of up to five members with normal usage.