With LED tubes, it’s all about getting them into odd places and positions other lights can’t achieve. With the new RR and Rainbow2 Linear LED Lights, Quasar Science has devised a rigging system called OSSIUM, which is Latin for Bones.

Both the RR and R2 come with a mounting rail down the back lined with 1/4-20 mounting points and a NATO profile. Together with a laundry list of accessories, the mounting system provides a skeletal framework to help place lights in just the right spot and attach them to nearly anything. Join many lights into one with the use of various multi-light brackets, which have soft bag options. For large arrays, the Frame Array fits RR or R2 at 6 and 12 lights respectively.

The OSSIUM Block brackets form smaller arrays in 2 and 4 bank configurations. Accessories include a locking slider that travels along the rail. A Baby Pin attaches to the Slider or to the rail itself. The Rotator Block is fashioned like a small grip head for attaching to industry standard 5/8” or 3/8” pins and rods such as a C-Stand arm. Magnetic feet and a battery plate for run and gun filming round out the initial offering.