The Marshall VAC-23SHU3 For Enhanced Video And Audio Streaming

Fraustrated by the limitations imposed by your computer’s web cam and built-in audio? Now you can use your choice of sources, including high quality camera, video, audio together with your web streaming software with Marshall’s advanced instant, plug and play, SDI/HDMI Video to USB 3.0 adapter. The VAC-23SHU3 features simple to use, plug-and-play design to seamlessly integrate professional video services to your choice of PC and MAC based applications such as Zoom, Skype, OBS Studio and more, including streaming platforms such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live,, Periscope etc.

With a rugged and compact design for easy portability, you can instantly control and improve the quality of your video and audio for live screen capture, video conferencing, or any other professional PC and MAC based applications. Selecting either an HDMI or SDI video source is just the flip of a switch. Active loop-through outputs keep sources available for other purposes such as feeding monitors, recorders, even the remote use of a teleprompter system. UVC protocol support allows the application to control video format, frame rate and other settings independent of the original source format.

Setup couldn’t be easier. The VAC-23SHU3 becomes fully functional within seconds of being connected. With the computer powered and operating, connect the VAC-23SHU3 using the USB 3.0 cable provided. The first time the unit is used, it takes about one minute for the computer to identify the unit and set-up the drivers. All three LED’s on top of the unit will light after about 3 seconds. About 5 seconds later, one of the input selection lights will turn off. By opening an application such as Zoom, Skype, OBS Studio, etc. and selecting the Video and Audio devices, the VAC-23SHU3 adapter will identify itself as “MEI USB 3.0 Capture Device”. Then, depending on the application used, the unit will appear as a camera or a capture device.

The VAC-23SHU3 converts HDMI 2.0 or SDI-3G-SDI (BNC) inputs to USB 3.0 output with active HDMI/3G-SDI (BNC) loop-throughs for use with power provided through the USB 3.0 output. Accepted video formats are from 480i/p, 576i/p to 1080p 50/59/60 USB 3.0 Output with up to 1080p60 with stereo-sudio, 16-bit @ 44.1KHz. The unit is also backwards compatible to USB 2.0although when connected to a USB 2.0 port, the recommended input video source should be 720p or below.

In summary, the Marshall VAC-23SHU3 can feed your live video directly to the internet for the latest applications for web broadcasting. No need to buy complicated streaming encoders. Your video and audio sources, whether professional camera or a simple HDMI consumer camera, connect directly to the unit and into your computer’s USB port.

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