Merging Technologies Adapts To The New Realities

The end of March approaches with what should have been a time of intense activity with Prolight+Sound due to start in a few days and NAB less than three weeks away. Both events are now cancelled and most of the Western world is in lockdown, so the changes in circumstances have been dramatic and swift. Merging is based in Switzerland and the recommendation for home working hit rather earlier than it did in the UK and so that has become the norm for most of the team for the last few weeks.

There are still orders coming in and development needs to continue but not surprisingly these are being impacted by the general slow down globally. Major sporting events being cancelled, particularly Tokyo 2020, has an impact on the broadcast customers who were investing in new technology for that event. Many of Merging’s other clients doing music recording or live events have seen those activities closed down very quickly and with all public venues like theme parks and museums closed, it is hardly surprising that business disruption is dramatic.

Survival is the name of the game as nobody has any real idea when some sort of normal business will return. However, these strange circumstances do allow some opportunities that might not normally be possible. One thing Merging has done is to use the time to expand the beta testing programme so this notice was just sent to all Merging customers in the latest Newsletter:
“Dear Pyramix, Ovation, VCube and ANEMAN users.

Merging has recently launched a new Beta cycle.

If you happen to be confined at home or near your home studio due to the Covid-19 and potentially have some available time or simply in need of additional occupations, we decided to open our Beta test program to all users in our community !

If you hold a Pyramix v12 key or Ovation/VCube 8 key you are then eligible and welcome to join our Beta program. We’ll be glad to grant you direct access to those versions in hope of some Beta feedback in return.”

This beta programme is administered by Merging’s QA manager who is also working from home and, as you can see from the picture, is well equipped to carry on from his home studio where he has all the Merging hardware and software to hand. He also has a successful band that would be gigging in normal times but now all his guitars are “self-isolating” with him.

Other Merging customers are using the time to revamp their studios, experiment with new gear or just do projects that need doing but would normally be pushed to the background. Whilst many things are affected, creativity still continues and the many social media posts tell the stories of what is going on worldwide. Like many companies, Merging continues to look at ways of communicating with its customer base and is looking at opportunities for training and education for those at home with some time to spare. Interesting times!