Interra Systems announces new subscription-based service

Interra Systems has announced Interra Cloud Services (ICS), a new subscription-based service that will allow media companies to perform the critical function of content QC in the cloud. The ICS — BATON service will be available immediately for automated QC of file-based content. The subscription-based service, running in the cloud will help simplify and expedite content verification for quality and compliance purposes. Interra Systems will initially offer this cloud-based service for its BATON product running on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, with plans to add more advanced QC capabilities in the future, including its machine learning-based captions and lip sync solutions.

“In the prevailing media supply chain, cloud has become a sought-after platform for file-based workflows. We are excited to announce that BATON, our industry-recognized media QC solution, is now available to our customers as a subscription-based service,” said Anupama Anantharaman, vice president, product management, at Interra Systems. “By offloading the task of running and maintaining on-premises infrastructure, our customers, especially post-production houses and companies with modest QC needs, can now perform QC operations more efficiently and at a reduced cost.”

With BATON available as a subscription-based QC service, smaller media companies can avoid making significant investments in hardware and software solutions that are traditionally required for quality control. With the software in the cloud, critical QC tasks can be performed remotely from anywhere.

ICS — BATON offers multiple built-in test plans, such as Amazon, Hulu, DPP, and iTunes, for setting up QC checks based on industry standards. All customer data, including project folders, reports, and thumbnails, is preserved in the cloud for a specified period of time to simplify data management and provide protection against possible data loss.

Through a user-friendly, web-based interface, ICS allows customers to view basic account information, see available credits and usage data, schedule QC tasks, and analyze reports.