Engineers at home

To help audio engineers during this exceptional time, renowned studio designer Eddie Veale is offering to do a remote acoustic check of your home studio/room and offer advice as to the nature of any problems you are currently experiencing and what can be done to improve matters.

“Many engineers have their own studio where they are doing their best to continue with their work and frequently wish for the ambience and sound quality of their day job,” said Veale. “Working from home is a whole new dimension and can be a pleasure or challenge with some cabin fever thrown in for good measure. Since it may be several weeks before we reach the end of this tunnel engineers may well be wondering what else could possibly be done to help – you have moved things round, EQ’ed the monitors and would really like some assurance or inspiration.”

Room conditions and acoustics influence greatly our perception of recorded sound. Problems can be stressful and distressing when you are under pressure to produce a good result. “Our ears have clever filter networks to enable us to hear better in poor acoustic conditions. Because these are frequency and time dependant we may not hear the overall or individual sounds of a recording in the same way that we do in a studio.”  

The service uses an easy home setup to record the monitors and room acoustic to be sent to Veale as an audio file. “We analyse this and give you the results together with our thoughts and ideas,” added Veale. “I will also suggest what you can do to make improvements and answer any questions you may have about your studio.” Please send your request for testing instructions together with any questions to