Object Matrix and CineSys-Oceana to Host Beer RoundTables

Object Matrix and CineSys-Oceana are hosting a series of informal online beer roundtable events in the coming months. The series will discuss the various challenges faced implementing hybrid technology to provide business continuity, remote working and the ability for creative professionals to self-serve access to archive content.
During the first session Brent Angle, CTO at Cinesys-Oceana and Jonathan Morgan, CEO Object Matrix, will introduce what they believe to be the mandatory elements of the ultimate hybrid technology stack. This will be followed by a round table discussion hosted by Harry Skopas, Director M&E Solutions Architecture and Technical Sales at CineSys-Oceana, with guest appearances from the media and sports technology communities.
Steve Strong, Partner, CineSys-Oceana, commented: “We are launching these events because our customer community is asking for our opinions on how to cope with the current situation and also for deeper levels of integration and engagement.”
The sessions will be open, fun, and relaxed. Participants are asked to grab themselves a beer, wine, G&T, or coke zero etc, and simply raise their glass when they wish to ask a question.
Nick Pearce, co-founder Object Matrix and Workflow Innovation Group (W.I.G.), added: “The aim for me is that this becomes a virtual version of the highly successful W.I.G events we have put on over the last 10 years in Europe. A relaxed, open environment where we, the vendors, listen, engage, advice and build future technology roadmaps. When the time is right, we will bring the W.I.G events to the USA to do this in person.”
For more information or to register for the next Beer Roundtable, visit the Object Matrix website.