IABM releases report on impact of coronavirus pandemic

IABM has released a report on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the media and entertainment industry. The report’s findings are based on qualitative and quantitative research carried out by IABM’s Business Intelligence Unit, which is monitoring new developments and trends as they unfold.

The IABM Coronavirus Impact Report reveals how the pandemic lockdown is changing business models, technology choices and how we interact. It also gives a peek at what the ‘new normal’ might look like as a result of an irreversible shift in media technology investment, away from legacy and towards digital business models and workflows as viewing habits continue to transform at breakneck speed.

“Accurate, insightful and timely information has never been so important as it now is in the uncharted territory of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Lorenzo Zanni, IABM Head of Insight and Analysis. “The IABM Business Intelligence team is constantly monitoring and analyzing its impact on all sides and aspects of the broadcast and media industry. As well as the negative effects we report on, the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be a powerful accelerant in broadcast and media. Risk preferences are shifting dramatically and investments that were seen as ‘too risky yet’ just a couple of months ago are now being enthusiastically embraced.”

The IABM Coronavirus Impact Report can be reviewed at: