Jigsaw24 is first UK-based EditShare reseller to deploy EFSv

EditShare has announced that Jigsaw24 is the first UK-based EditShare reseller to deploy EFSv, enabling virtualized production and editing workflows in the AWS cloud. EFSv significantly expands multi-vendor remote production and post production capabilities, which is attractive to Jigsaw24’s customers who rely on a broad range of creative platforms for projects. 

“We serve a market that has a lot of independent creatives hired for their talent, not the tools they use. Being vendor-agnostic and offering open solutions that allow creative freedom is the cornerstone of our business,” states David Skeggs, Head of Business Management, Jigsaw24. “Of all the remote production and media management solutions in the cloud, EFSv is the best at enabling workflows for customers who need to support multiple editorial tools. Creator-focused, EFSv makes it seamless to move from one creative tool to the next with underlying capabilities to build extensive media workflows.”  

The EFSv platform supports industry-standard third-party creative tools for editing, audio mixing, VFX and grading with best-in-class security capabilities such as file auditing to propel secure, end-to-end production workflows in the cloud. EFSv native drivers eliminate traditional IT bottlenecks and deliver superior media performance in virtual environments. 

Designed for media workflows, Jigsaw24’s Via24 cloud platform allows users to better manage and control complex and costly technology with a more cost-effective solution. EFSv is a key solution component of Via24, enabling creative workflows from the cloud.   

“EFSv is the natural progression from on premise production workflows, by enabling clients to migrate to the cloud and all without the overhead of facilities infrastructure costs,” stated Rob Adams, VP of Worldwide Sales, EditShare. “Jigsaw24’s Via24 infrastructure is showing media clients the way forward by offering tailored cloud production offerings, with EFSv at the centre of the solution. The combination of Jigsaw24’s Via24 and EFSv, meets the diverse needs of media customers from independent production companies to remote creative teams and clients looking to migrate to a more flexible business model.”