Bittree unveils new member of its 12G+ family of single-link video patchbays

Bittree has introduced a new member of its award-winning 12G+ family of single-link video patchbays. Supporting 4K transmission over a single 12Gb/s SDI connection, the 12G+ Micro-Video Self-Normalling High-Density Single-Link Patchbay offers 2×32 or 2×48 density in 1RU, 1.5RU, or 2RU form factors.

Offering high-density connectivity in space-efficient configurations, the 12G+ Micro-Video patchbay is ideal for production trucks, broadcast centers, production facilities, and high-end commercial applications. The new patchbay delivers 24 GHz, high-bandwidth performance for SD/SDI, HD/SDI, UHD/SDI, 4K, 8K, and HDR applications. Compliant with SMPTE 292M, 424M, 2081-1, and 2082-1, the 12G+ patchbay provides true 75-ohm impedance with low return loss. The 12G+ Micro-Video patchbay is also available with self-terminating and non-terminating connections.

“No one else in the industry offers this kind of patchbay with 2×48 density,” said Bryan Carpenter, senior sales consultant at Bittree. “Plus, it supports up to 8K resolution, so it’s a future-proof investment that will remain a vital part of customers’ workflows as their operations move beyond HD.”

When equipped with built-in normalling capability, the unit automatically routes a source signal plugged into a top port on the rear panel with the destination equipment connected to the port directly below it. A patch cord inserted into the front of the unit can then be used to send the source to another piece of equipment.

“It’s not unusual for a source to be routed to a particular piece of equipment almost all of the time,” Carpenter explained. “Our new 12G+ Micro-Video patchbay simplifies that routing, but also makes it easy to override it with a patchcord when necessary. Bittree is the first to offer self-normalling as an option at this high bandwidth.”

All 12G+ Micro-Video patchbays feature machined aluminum with a durable powder-coat finish on the front panel. A precision-machined phenolic insulator electrically and mechanically separates the jacks from the front panel, and two designation strips on the front panel allow for easy labeling. The 2×32 option offers BNC, HD-BNC (Micro), and DIN (1.0/2.3) back panel connectivity options, while the 2×48 option offers HD-BNC and DIN.