Custom Consoles completes studio control desks and MediaWall monitor displays for Fidelity International

Custom Consoles has completed two studio control desks and MediaWall monitor displays for a new UHD production facility at the London headquarters of Fidelity International. Supervised by systems integration specialist ATG Danmon, the project formed part of Fidelity’s relocation to new premises in the centre of the city’s financial district. The studios will be used for a range of applications including participation in finance-related broadcasts.

“We recommended Module-R and MediaWall on the basis of long experience with both product ranges,” comments ATG Danmon Managing Director Russell Peirson-Hagger. “Their inherent modularity allowed us to specify exactly the required parameters in the full knowledge that the results would be robustly built, ergonomically sound, attractively styled, accurately sized and easy to install.”

Largest of the two desks is a six metre wide in-line unit positioned along the main wall of the Studio 1 production gallery. This is configured for use by up to six operators including camera shading, robotic camera control, lighting control, graphic effects, vision mixing and control room to studio talkback.  Sloping 3U high equipment pods run almost the entire width of this desk. All equipment above and below the main worktop remains easily accessible via the removable equipment pods and front access panels. Nine monitor display screens are mounted along the rear of the Studio 1 desk, each on an Ergotron arm with operator-adjustable height and angle.
The second desk is a 3 metre wide five-bay Module-R Lite located in the Studio 2 control room. Designed for use by two operators, this includes space for a Blackmagic UHD vision mixer, HyperDeck Studio 12G recorder, Autoscript prompter control and RTS intercom panel. Equipment pods with sloping front panels are fitted along the middle three bays. Five display screens are mounted at the rear of the worktop, supplemented by additional screens and monitor loudspeakers mounted between the desk and the facing wall. A 1U wide floor level to worktop height equipment supports the left side of the desk and, as in Studio 1 control room, provides easy front access for equipment installation or maintenance.

Both desks have black worktops and surrounds with grey side panels. A mix-and-matchable control room furniture system, Custom Consoles’ Module-R series allows aesthetically attractive and long-life broadcast control-room furniture to be configured to meet specific shapes and dimensions from a selection of high-quality pods, base sections, 19 inch rack housings, worktops, end-panel modules and legs. Coordinated desktop-level pods are available as single-bay sections with up 10U chassis capacity.

The Module-R product range includes high-quality single-bay, dual-bay and triple-bay desk sections with front or rear access, work surfaces in matching widths, corner desk sections in 90, 45, 30 or 15 degree angles with integral worktops, slide-out keyboard drawers, equipment pods with 3U, 6U or 8U capacity, 19 in storage pedestals and 27U equipment bays. Custom Consoles’ Module-R Lite variant was introduced for use in latest-generation IT-based studios or where space is at a premium. The front to back depth of Module-R Lite is 95 cm compared with the 120 cm depth of Module-R. 
Custom Consoles’ MediaWall allows flat-screen monitor displays of practically any width to be constructed from standard horizontal and vertical support elements. MediaWall can be used as a fully self-supporting structure or coupled directly to the studio wall. Individual screens can be positioned so that the edges meet exactly to form a continuous horizontal display limited only by the boundary of the monitor panel itself. All wiring is fully concealed and can enter or leave the structure at any desired point. MediaWall is available in any specified element widths.