DNA selects Edgeware’s StreamBuilder

Edgeware has announced that Finnish telecommunications company DNA has selected its recently-announced content processing platform, StreamBuilder, to support the next-generation DNA TV service. Expanding its existing use of Edgeware’s CDN technology, DNA has added StreamBuilder’s functionalities such as video on demand (VOD) content ingest, network personal video recorder (NPVR) recordings, and just in time (JIT) packaging, to enhance its new and improved service. With StreamBuilder, DNA TV can benefit from a complete solution that meets all its origin server requirements and a smooth deployment project efficiently run by Edgeware.

Launched in February this year, the new DNA TV has revamped DNA’s TV offering for IP-based delivery, introducing multiple features including unlimited NPVR recordings, a new user interface and improved video stream quality. Through its innovative program-centric approach, subscribers can view and record unlimited TV programs with unprecedented ease of use and watch live and VOD content whenever they want, anywhere in the EU via the DNA TV app. Furthermore, the service delivers compelling content recommendations based on users’ individual viewing preferences.

StreamBuilder offers DNA a single solution for all of DNA TV’s origin server needs. Its applications spanning ingest and stream segmentation, repackaging, and live and VOD content encryption, give DNA the tools to take its content and service to the next level. For example, DNA TV’s new capabilities to create NPVR recordings and catch-up on VOD content are made possible through StreamBuilder’s flexible, scalable and reliable technology. It can also deliver content in multiple formats (HLS, DASH) through JIT packaging, saving on storage since content is only stored once.

“Service reliability and a seamless user experience were at the top of our priority list when building the next-generation of DNA TV from the ground up,” says Pekka Jääskeläinen, Head of Service Platforms, DNA Plc. “StreamBuilder and the Edgeware expertise throughout the project have proven invaluable in launching the new DNA TV. It uses minimal storage and permits a faster video start-up time, thereby establishing a high quality of service (QoS). As a long-time Edgeware CDN customer, we’re confident in expanding our technical infrastructure and advancing our TV offering with StreamBuilder.”

“While the transmission of TV distribution to the IP and HTTP domain has been going on for a while now, the inherent complexities and challenges with doing so remain. Pay TV providers need the right technology in place to optimize their services for today, but also have innovation-facilitating platforms in place for the future,” said Johan Bolin, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Edgeware. “DNA is acting ahead of the curve with its new TV service and we’re excited to be part of its journey in the Finnish TV market.”