DPA 6000 Series’ ruggedness proves itself throughout the industry

DPA Microphones are well known for producing the pinnacle of sound technology and the latest 6000 Series of subminiature lavaliers and headsets is no exception. Utilizing the innovative ‘CORE by DPA’ technology in a compact three-millimeter (0.12 inches) capsule, sound professionals around the world have taken notice of the big sound that now comes in a small package. 

Among DPA’s most valued features for its latest mics is their durability when used in a range of production environments. This includes on-location TV/film shoots, theatres and studio applications. Durability and robustness are inherent in the mechanical design of DPA mics. The company’s goal is to minimize the impact of exposure to heat, cold, water, sweat, dust and mishandling, among other things. With the CORE technology, all miniature microphones have been thoroughly tested to achieve IP58 certification, ensuring protection against dust and water over extended periods of time.

Owing to the high-level construction and low noise floor, Production Sound Mixer Chris Harris considers the 6060 CORE Subminiature Lavaliers to be his top-choice. “The durability and sound quality of the mics are fantastic,” he says. “My first experience using them was on season two of the TV show Insatiable. The two actors in the scene were wearing full-body spandex suits and doing capoeira-style fighting while talking. I just assumed, as in most fight scenes with loads of movement and dancing, that it would have to be all boom and the wires would be useless due to movement and clothing noise. While rolling on the first take, I soloed one of the actor’s wires and was pleasantly surprised to find clean, intelligible dialog with no noise from movement at all!”