Actus Digital appoints Executive VP of business development

Actus Digital has appointed Gary Learner as executive vice president of business development. Learner joins Actus Digital as the company is seeing rapid growth and increasing sales, particularly in the U.S. market. He is tasked with expanding the company’s global footprint and ensuring a smooth transition for new customers, many of whom are embracing the simplicity and future-proof features of Actus Digital’s media monitoring solution as they shift away from vendors who recently declared their systems at end of life.

“Our business is thriving in the U.S. market, and putting Gary in charge of business development will help us continue on that upward trajectory,” said Sima Levy, CEO at Actus Digital. “When Volicon announced that it would no longer be making or supporting its monitoring systems, we started to see a wave of new customers looking for a replacement. Gary’s expertise in media compliance and monitoring will assure a seamless transition for these customers while also giving us the capacity to manage the burgeoning global demand for our platform, which is the most comprehensive on the market.”

Prior to joining Actus Digital, Learner was the co-founder and chief technology officer of Volicon, a former leader in monitoring solutions. Working in the broadcast and media industries for more than 20 years, Learner has developed a rich skill set that includes technology-driven strategic planning and execution, business development and strategic partnerships, and organizational alignment.

Actus Digital’s media monitoring solution is well-known across the broadcast industry for being reliable and offering the most advanced feature set, going beyond compliance to support advanced capabilities such as clips for social media, AI options, and automatic ad detection. “Actus Digital is customer-focused and committed to serving the current and future market requirements, a point that’s been proven by its uninterrupted 16 years of success in the industry,” said Learner. “Coming from Volicon, I can assure broadcasters that the migration to Actus Digital’s solution is fast, complete, and easy for end users. Furthermore, Actus Digital’s new platform offers customers more options than Volicon’s system. Actus Digital is the only company in the domain of compliance and monitoring solutions with three support centers, in the United States, Europe, and Asia, assuring customers that no matter where they are, they will get the best and fastest response, around the clock.”