Free VL-DT1 Charger with each IPL Transparent Battery purchased

Whilst promotional stocks are available, a VL-DT1 is being offered free of charge with each IPL-98T or IPL-150T purchased.

The IPL-98T and IPL-150T are technically identical to the standard black batteries but the clear outer casing makes it possible to see the sophisticated electronics inside and the build quality IDX is famous for. They will appeal to users making a statement about creativity, quality and uniqueness.

The VL-DT1 is a single channel portable charger that works with all IDX batteries having a D-Tap advanced port. The D-Tap Advanced three pin design monitors the cell status to ensure correct, controlled charging which prolongs battery life.   

The package can be ordered using the codes IPL-98T/DT1 or IPL-150T/DT1 whilst stock is available.