Marshall Electronics CV346 Cameras create compelling streaming capabilities for Leading Edge Multimedia

As CEO and founder of Leading Edge Multimedia, David Anderson utilizes state of the art and cost-effective production equipment to record and live stream sporting events, concerts, business conferences, house of worship applications, and much more for his clients’ various needs. Anderson was looking for an extremely small, easily transportable camera with superior image quality and reliable streaming capabilities and he found the solution he was looking for in the CV346 Compact HD Camera from Marshall Electronics.

Anderson first learned of Marshall cameras through an industry friend about four years ago and has been using Marshall ever since. “Today’s current situation has highlighted the importance of being able to successfully live stream productions from various locations for a multitude of applications,” says Anderson. “Marshall fits the bill really well because they are so small and yet their image quality is on par with much larger, more expensive cameras. The Marshall cameras shade so well that it is very tough for the untrained eye to tell the difference between many of the extremely expensive, large format broadcast cameras versus a Marshall camera.”

Two recent projects where Anderson found Marshall to be ideal was for Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Graham, North Carolina and Common Thread Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. “On very short notice we were able to bring in our mobile streaming platform featuring the Marshall CV346 mini cameras and get set up and running in less than an hour,” adds Anderson. “This allows both facilities to produce a quality live-stream on a weekly basis during and after the current COVID-19 pandemic, giving them a means to continue services online despite the inability of having members attend in person.”