ORS selects 3SS for launch of its simpliTV digital TV service

3 Screen Solutions (3SS) has been selected by Austria’s national broadcasting services provider ORS for the upcoming launch of its new simpliTV digital TV service.

3SS is leading design, development and integration for the next-generation service, based on 3SS’ multiple award winning 3READY Product Framework.

Proven 3READY enables an ultra-intuitive and adaptive UI that delivers a captivating, unified experience. It is the heart of 3SS’ 3READY Entertainment Ecosystem, created to enable operators to launch superior experiences on all devices, co-create and deliver maximum value to their customers.

Operators can co-design, co-define and co-develop together with 3SS’ specialist teams with 3READY. Furthermore, service providers benefit from 3SS’ expertise and certification in modern agile development methodologies, including SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), recognized for its ability to optimize time-to-market and deliver superior products.