Object Matrix validates number of 3rd party integrations

Object Matrix has announced it has validated a number of 3rd party integrations against its managed service cloud storage platform, MatrixStore Cloud. The platform has been integrated with solutions across the entire media workflow, including file acceleration, transformation and orchestration to editing applications, and media asset management. These tightly integrated solutions enable organisations to manage, access and share content regardless of where the content lives. 

MatrixStore Cloud comes with intuitive media focused interfaces that make protecting, finding and sharing content easier than ever. It also gives users all the functionality of MatrixStore, delivered as a service. This includes continuous and non-proprietary future proof access to media content with tight third-party integrations, seamless scaling and inclusive data movement to public cloud. 

The third-party integrations include (but are not limited to): 

Jon Morgan, CEO, Object Matrix: “Many media companies across the globe are currently challenged with moving to cloud-based workflows, whilst retaining access to features and technology that are integral to their media processes. Integrating our cloud solution in this way ensures it can seamlessly fit into those existing workflows.”