Cartoni UV-C BOXER UV Disinfection for Film & Broadcast Equipment

Cartoni UV-C BOXER harnesses medical-grade UV disinfection technology to sanitize cameras, lenses & more in just 5 minutes!

UV-C, or Germicidal UV, is a wavelength of UV light – typically between 200 to 280 nanometres – that can inactivate pathogens like bacteria and viruses including COVID-19, Ebola & HIV. UV-C BOXER incorporates 10 Osram/Philips medical-grade UV-C lamps within its chamber. Combined with the highly-reflective aluminium interior, these UV beams sanitize all surfaces of an item quickly & efficiently.

UV-C BOXER leverages the power of Germicidal UV to safely sanitize all surfaces of an item without moisture, gas or powders. The process is quick, clean & efficient – ideal for delicate film, video & broadcast equipment. With full sanitization taking just 5 minutes, UV-C BOXER can be used safely with any sensitive equipment and will not deteriorate electronic components or glass elements.

The internal chamber measures 93x55x62cm, making UV-C BOXER ideal for all cameras, lenses, monitors, microphones and many other accessories. The chamber is accessed from a large sliding drawer, with items placed on a grilled tray to ensure full 360° coverage of the item, even on the underside.

UV-C BOXER is certified by the Italian Ministry of Health for its sanitisation effectiveness. Equipped with heavy-duty wheels with positive locks, it is easily portable for rental or studio use.