Re-Recording Mixer Jonathan Wales relies on plug-ins from NUGEN Audio

For over three decades, Warner Bros. Re-Recording Mixer Jonathan Wales has created audio magic for numerous feature films, documentaries and television shows. As content creation and technical specifications change, Wales finds himself having to adapt to newer audio compliance standards across a variety of platforms. In order to keep directors happy and viewers engaged with the enhanced level of creativity expected of today’s productions, Wales relies on a selection of plug-ins from NUGEN Audio.

Two recent projects where Wales put his NUGEN software to good use was the Warner Bros. movie Dr. Sleep and the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.
Included among Wales’ NUGEN plug-in toolkit is Halo Upmix, VisLM and SigMod. “Most content today is being mixed in Atmos to meet the latest streaming requirements,” he says. “As platforms, especially Netflix, push the technical standards, it is very important to have the tools necessary to meet the ever-changing audio mixing landscape. Being able to save time, cost and deliver that pristine and complaint audio is why my NUGEN plug-ins play an important role in my daily workflow.”

The one mixing plug-in that Wales finds himself using more than anything else is NUGEN’s Halo Upmix. “That software is in all my templates,” he adds. “Halo Upmix is incredibly valuable because it is highly compatible when you take the resulting mix and fold it down to different formats. If I use Halo Upmix for Atmos, it is still valid when we then take the 7.1 output. One of the things that’s a really big deal in this realm is the need for compatibility between formats. You can’t use a plug-in that does something cool in one format, but then actually messes up your work in a different format, to the point that it doesn’t sound right anymore. Halo Upmix is great when we are folding the project down into smaller and smaller formats, which is really important.”