TVU Anywhere App Offered For Free To Europe’s Emergency Services

With floods and fires causing havoc across Europe over the last few months, TVU is now offering free services to emergency responders across the continent.

The company has now made its TVU Anywhere mobile free for emergency services, enabling them to transmit full-HD live video and 100 hours of TVU Producer, the cloud-based remote production and distribution platform.

These free services are being offered to all emergency and first responders in the EU for the remainder of the year, including all medical, fire, and police personnel to support the remote coverage of live events in real-time and inform the public during times of emergency, while keeping teams safe.

Content captured using TVU Anywhere can be sent directly to the cloud for production and distribution using TVU Producer. Responders who’d like to access these free TVU services, please click here to sign up.

“The devastation in this region has been enormous,” said Rafael Castillo, vice president and general manager of TVU Networks for Europe and Latin America. “Recently floods spread across multiple countries, and fires have erupted throughout the Summer. We’re offering a safe and effective way for responders to inform the public of conditions and events in real-time over their website, social media channels, broadcast television, and any other modes of communication they employ. We’re happy to offer any assistance we can during this time.”

TVU Producer users can simultaneously distribute high-quality video to all channels – web, broadcast, and social. Emergency responders can send live video in the right format to any and all outlets instantly, such as a TV station, government facility, website or social media channels. It easily handles all signals: SDI (Serial Digital Interface) for broadcast operations; to NDI (Network Device Interface) a standard for high-quality video-over-IP; and any standard IP video stream. TVU Producer provides live, multi-camera video production in the cloud with no latency, as well as professional switching and audio mixing capabilities with high-end graphics and titling.

With the TVU Anywhere mobile broadcasting app, anyone can use their smart device to transmit full-HD live video from anywhere using cellular bonding technology and HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) encoding. TVU Anywhere aggregates the smart phone’s 3G/4G/LTE connection and Wi-Fi for HD transmissions and ensures the user has the strongest signal available. This enables responders to safely transmit video from an emergency event as it happens. TVU Anywhere can also be used unmanned, with an operator controlling everything from focus to brightness from a safe, remote location on a laptop. The app has integrated support for Center Stage, a new iPad Pro (M1 Chip models) feature that automates subject tracking, a feature that eliminates the need for a camera operator in many situations.