Experienced industry professional Gerry Forde has become the latest member of the Point Source Audio family, taking on the new role of Business Development Manager for the EMEA region.

The appointment recognizes the growing worldwide demand for Point Source Audio’s unique collection of microphones and will support the US-based manufacturer’s further expansion throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Forde has a long history in the pro audio industry, working with distributors, manufacturers and rental companies. A large part of that career was spent working with Sennheiser. This was followed by spells at Rycote, and consultancy work for a variety of brands.

“My background is music and music recording,” said Forde. “I was a hands-on RF operator too, so I am very familiar with the technical side of things and the production values in most sectors. I then went over to the commercial world, so I know it as a distributor, reseller, commercial manager, and sales director responsible for marketing.”

The global popularity of Point Source Audio microphones is driven by factors such as the unique microphone and headset mounting technology for the most discreet placement and the ability to thoroughly sanitize the products from the element to the connector, ensuring the safety of cast and crew alike. Combining these aspects with the exceptional audio quality delivered by every Point Source Audio product, it is easy to see why the demand is running so high.

“We see the EMEA region as critical for our ongoing worldwide growth,” states James Lamb, President at Point Source Audio. “We needed a safe pair of hands with the knowledge and skillset to provide the local support our dealers and distributors deserve while also driving the growth of the company throughout the territory.”