Craig Walsh Selects Marshall Electronics For Prestigious Project

As the 2021 Pink Floyd Experience tour readied to roll out across Australia and New Zealand, creative director for the event Craig Walsh was looking for high-quality, compact cameras to capture the vibrant images of the dramatic, breathtaking sound and visual experience.

Walsh turned to professional and commercial audio-visual equipment provider Corsair Solutions, and the team selected Marshall Electronics CV503 Miniature Cameras for the project.

The decision to go with Marshall’s CV503 was twofold. “Firstly, the Marshall cameras ticked all my boxes,” said Walsh. “They needed to be small and discrete, have SDI out and provide a crisp image under a variety of changing lighting conditions. I also wanted the ability to have different lenses and I liked that you can save certain parameters, so setting up each show was quick and easy. We ended up purchasing nine CV503’s and have not looked back.”

Walsh and his team carefully thought about camera position prior to placement, which is especially important when you have multiple cameras. After they selected the video stands and projector locations, the team then established its camera positions and numbered each camera. Since each camera was pre-set with a position number, it was really simple to set up once the tour started.

“During the first half, we performed Pink Floyd’s Animals in its entirety,” said Walsh. “The band is hidden behind a screen that covers the entire stage. You could see through it, but just enough that we could also use a Barco 30,000 Lumen laser projector to project a mix of visuals. During one of the songs, the artist stares into his assigned Marshall camera and sings the chorus. When you stare at one of these cameras, then project that image onto a 15 x 8m wide surface, the audience gets a feeling of being stared at. It’s brilliant. During the second half, we performed The Wall. We are building a wall that hides the band, but we used the wall as a projection surface. Using Marshall, we can take the audience on a remarkable journey. It looks incredible and massive.”