Atlona has expanded its portfolio of touch-free AV control components with the introduction of a unique, network-enabled, multi-function sensor designed for a wide variety of automation applications.

Available immediately, the new AT-OCS-900N detects occupancy as well as temperature and ambient light to trigger Atlona AV solutions or third-party devices over an IP network.

The ceiling-mounted OCS-900N uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect occupancy in a customizable coverage area. It comes with two lenses that cover up to 900 or 2,000 square feet depending on ceiling height. A blinder insert is included that limits the sensor’s field of view, preventing detection in unwanted areas such as doorways with heavy cross traffic.

The OCS-900N communicates directly over the network to select Atlona switchers and the recently released AT-WAVE-101 wireless presentation platform, triggering features such as automatic display control and relays – for motorized projection screens and window shades – based on whether people are detected in the space. The new sensor also works seamlessly with Atlona’s Velocity™ AV control system for more complex applications, automating functions ranging from display on/off and switcher input selection to camera presets and audio levels based on room occupancy. In addition to enabling fully automated AV system operation in conference rooms, huddle spaces, classrooms, and lecture halls, the OCS-900N can also be used in hospitality and retail environments to create interactivity with digital signage and video walls based on motion near the displays.

Beyond occupancy detection, the OCS-900N also captures temperature and ambient high level information. The sensor can communicate this data to Atlona solutions or to third-party ventilation, lighting and other systems over the TCP/IP network using open standards such as MQTT – a common IoT messaging protocol – and REST, a popular software integration framework leveraging web protocols and technologies.

“We continue to expand our portfolio to include all of the key components needed for fully automated AV environments,” said David Shamir, Vice President of Product Management, Atlona. “The network-enabled OCS-900N works with many Atlona switching, presentation, and control systems to provide effortless, touch-free AV operation with more streamlined cabling and integration than traditional solutions.”