TSL Announces Advancements In Broadcast Control

TSL has announced its latest advancements in broadcast control centered around its R&D approach of creating solutions based on its customers’ specific application.

With this change and the integration of TSL and DNF product lines, TSL Control encompasses all the company’s control solutions (including TallyMan, Flex Network, etc.) under one umbrella. This allows the customer to create a combined system, across product lines, that is designed to address its unique workflow needs.

“TSL Control is pure in its name and stands for the independence and integration capabilities that make our offering so compelling,” said Ian Godfrey, President of TSL Inc. and Head of Control at TSL. “The latest updates to our control offerings have been driven by the motivation to continue offering our customers the most flexible control solutions that ultimately make their jobs easier. At TSL, we strive to be supportive, problem-solvers, working in partnership with customers to deliver the tools they need to maintain ownership of their solutions, reduce costs and remain focused on making great content.”

As part of TSL Control is its new GTP-42 Flex Network Controller, solutions in cost-effective IP routing and multi-network control, playout control and automation including SCTE and DTMF monitoring, as well as the new TallyMan Redundancy Package.

TSL continues to develop and expand its Flex Control network with the latest addition of the GTP-42 system controller. A significant advancement that comes from the GTP-42 is decreased power consumption, an easy-to-read front panel display and internal, dual-redundant power supplies. The GTP-42’s upgraded Linux core enables TSL to deploy an entirely virtualized GTP in any environment, whether in a facility, on COTS hardware, or in the cloud.