PBT EU Extends Reach In Germany

PBT EU has extended its reach in Germany by welcoming new localisation client Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH to the expanding SubtitleNEXT family of users across Europe.

As one of Germany’s top industry-leading localisation specialists, the firm has invested in four SubtitleNEXT Explorer Licenses to further boost their professional AV translation capabilities.

Leinhäuser Language Services provides cross-media text and translation services for corporate and finance communications and specialises in the adaptation and implementation of content in analogue, digital and audio-visual media. Over the past ten years, Leinhäuser has been moving systematically into the high-end segment of the translation industry. The company’s pool of high-quality internal and external staff with a network of over 300 linguists worldwide, has enabled them to position themselves as a supplier to large international corporations with experience at the highest levels of management as well as to significantly extend their expertise in the areas of internal and external corporate communication, financial texts, accounting, and management.

Leinhäuser has gained an excellent reputation for professional excellence throughout the translation market and has been commended with partner of choice status for their vast portfolio of clientele. The company offers services that include translation, copywriting, interpreting, terminology management, senior editing, process optimisation and much more, for big global brands and many other blue-chip companies across corporate communications, marketing agencies, SMEs, language service departments and financial institutions.

An increase in international AV projects coming in to Leinhäuser within corporate communications and product marketing, has created a demand, and posed a dual challenge to obtain top quality translation for texts and subtitles with extremely short turnaround times. SubtitleNEXT solutions have helped set the stage for innovative localisation at Leinhäuser, facilitating a complete support system of subtitling for next-level localisation services.

Isabel Schneider, Senior Account Manager and Language AV Specialist at Leinhäuser said: “Using SubtitleNEXT software means that a break in the interface between the linguistic services and the subtitling technology, as well as lost time, is a thing of the past. SubtitleNEXT supports length restrictions and frame gap settings and recognises cut changes, thus contributing to a smooth, fast spotting process. In addition, the software’s ability to integrate subtitles into a video provides Leinhäuser with an increasingly attractive delivery format.”

Isabel further noted: “Along with the software’s wide range of functions, we were also especially impressed with SubtitleNEXT’s intuitive user guidance. This will become even more important in the future as the audiovisual market is growing more dynamic. To balance text and subtitle quality with short turnaround times, our steadily expanding team requires a state-of-the-art tool.”

PBT EU’s SubtitleNEXT Sales Manager and Product Specialist, Maria Markovska added: “SubtitleNEXT has strengthened its position in Germany to support the rapidly growing market for localisation services. Leinhäuser is a well-respected professional language services organisation, and we are extremely pleased that they have adopted SubtitleNEXT. It’s great to see the SubtitleNEXT system play a vital role in helping the team achieve excellence in both quality and delivery for its host of high-profile clients. The remote capability that SubtitleNEXT offers, through the implementation of its dynamic licensing model in the current pandemic era, has also helped raise the bar for localisation companies to continue to excel to a new high when regulations call for flexible working.”