Dejero Partners With X2nSat

Dejero has announced a new partnership with X2nSat, a leader in satellite communications across the Americas, with satellite gateways located in California and New Mexico.

The collaboration will provide Dejero’s North American customers with a resilient connectivity solution featuring blended cellular and Ku-band satellite communications.

The multi-award winning CellSat service leverages Dejero’s patented Smart Blending Technology which intelligently combines cellular connectivity from multiple mobile network providers with Ku-band satellite communications from X2nSat. The technology reliably delivers the bandwidth needed for critical communications from even the most remote locations. The service is designed for live broadcasts, transmission continuity, and disaster recovery by broadcasters, as well as real-time tactical video and other data-intensive applications of public safety agencies.

If the bandwidth available from the cellular connections dips due to network congestion, service interruption, or in poor coverage areas, CellSat automatically blends in Ku-band satellite communications to boost bandwidth.

With the new partnership, the CellSat service is expanding to cover Mexico in addition to the United States and southern Canada. X2nSat offers a sophisticated monitoring system for rapid identification of outages and technical issues, leading to reduced downtime. This allows X2nSat to mitigate risks proactively, providing an extra layer of assurance for Dejero CellSat users.

“With this key partnership, Dejero is able to provide a reliable, turnkey wireless service to our customers that greatly simplifies the procurement, management and billing of cellular and satellite services from multiple providers,” explained Yvonne Monterroso, director of product management at Dejero.

With the Dejero CellSat solution, there is no need to schedule satellite time, saving field crews valuable time and removing the constraint of satcom access within a certain time window.