5stream Media Deploys Xytech’s MediaPulse

When global streaming provider 5stream needed a configurable solution to streamline their scheduling and resource management, they quickly discovered MediaPulse was the perfect fit.

Selected for its robust and flexible architecture, 5stream deployed Xytech’s MediaPulse to streamline the operations of their Broadcast Services division.

“5stream is a rapidly growing business. We previously relied on a homebrew system of Google Calendars, spreadsheets and custom CSV scrapers to manage over 1000 events each month,” said Mitchell Kalika, General Manager at 5stream. “With increasing resource requirements and complexity across all our jobs, our existing system is no longer suitable, and we needed a solution to streamline our operations. Enter MediaPulse! MediaPulse allows us to effectively book and manage the large quantity of work, and helps streamline and visualise complex broadcast workflows to reduce setup time for our MCR and Presentation operators.”

MediaPulse Transmission is an additional solution the team plans to implement to better visualise 5stream’s complex workflows and assign operators and MCR staff for non-automated jobs.

“MediaPulse’s main calling card for us was the ease of centralising all our various scheduling and resource management systems into one single point of truth, and reduce the time required to onboard new operators and get them up and running. With our previous system, it could take up to six months, given how the information was distributed,” explained Kalika. “As a cloud-first company, the cloud based SaaS model works well with our ethos of remote operation. MediaPulse allows more flexibility and provides support from the Xytech staff, if needed.”

“We were impressed with the MediaPulse product,” Kalika continued. “We feel it’s a great fit for our operation in general, particularly the flexible ownership pathways with SaaS, cloud-hosted, on-prem, outright payment and other nice additions that we look forward to discovering and implementing with MediaPulse.”