Hong Kong Metropolitan University Invests In EditShare

EditShare® has announced that Hong Kong Metropolitan University has expanded its investment in EditShare, installing FLOW media management and EFS shared storage as the core content platform for its Nursing Simulation program.

EditShare’s integration with the program’s SimCapture, which is used to record and assess student performance, provides a centralized repository and archive that educators can easily access, share learning outcomes and proof of performance. The innovative workflow was designed and deployed by EditShare Channel Partner Viewcon.

“Video is one of the core components of our high-quality training and education. It helps us track trends, improve learning and document methods and time spent on practical training,” said Wilson Yau, AV Technology Manager (ALTO), Hong Kong Metropolitan University.

Prior to the installation of EditShare, Hong Kong Metropolitan University stored the files on standard storage, using Windows Explorer to search and locate videos. Yau continued: “For audits and official records, our university keeps its videos for seven years which equate to hundreds of thousands of video files. EditShare worked well in our AV Production Studio and we knew it would automate many of the manual processes that come with storing and sharing video at this scale.”

The innovative workflow features EFS tiered storage with integrated production, nearline and archive capabilities. FLOW serves as the control layer, automatically migrating video content, including simulation records, from the SimCapture to EFS. Metadata is automatically added to the video and includes key information such as teacher, student, session and other notes. Staff can log into the web-based FLOW dashboard, search videos on a number of angles, add further notes, share, and playback practical sessions.