AIMS Members To Provide Educational Presentations

Representatives from The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) member companies will be providing three days of educational presentations on the subject of adopting open standards for AV over IP at InfoComm 2919.

The presentations will take place in the AIMS Theatre at Booth 375. In addition to making individual presentations, AIMS members will also participate in the session “Audio and Video Streaming Using Established IP Standards,” to be held on Tuesday, June 11, from 1 to 3 p.m. in Room W304E.

“AIMS members believe strongly that the future of AV over IP should be built on a technology infrastructure that is based on open standards, and we’re at InfoComm to advocate for this concept,” said David Chiappini, the AIMS ProAV Working Group chair. “This is not the first technology transition our industry has been through, and we need to understand the lessons of the past — which simply amount to this: Open standards provide the industry with maximum agility and flexibility to adjust business models, capitalize on new revenue opportunities, and add new capabilities and services without having to constantly rebuild workflows.”

The educational presentations at the AIMS booth will take place from 10am to 3.15pm on Wednesday and Thursday of the show and from 10 to 11.30am on Friday. The following presentations will be repeated several times during the three days.

• “Who Is AIMS and What Is SMPTE ST 2110?” Andre Testa, Director of ASIC/FPGA Engineering, Matrox
• “NMOS: The Open AV Over IP API,” Andrew Starks, Director of Product Management, Macnica
• “How Open Standards Like AES67 and ST 2110 Drive Innovation,” Bill Rounopoulos, Business Development Manager, OEM & Partnerships, Ross Video
• “ST 2110 and Intercomm,” Martin Dyster, Vice President, Business Development — TV, The Telos Alliance

In the Tuesday session, “Audio and Video Streaming Using Established IP Standards,” AIMS members will speak on the following:

• “The Origins of Audio Over IP and the Need for Standards,” Richard Zwiebel, Vice President, Systems Strategy, QSC
• “There’s Nothing to Be Afraid of With SMPTE ST 2110,” Andrew Starks, Director of Product Management, Macnica
• “The Open Standards-Based Method for AV Over IP,” Scott Barella, Chief Technology Officer at Pesa and Deputy Chairman of AIMS ProAV Working Group
• “Next-Gen IP for Networked Media — Collision or Convergence?” Karl Paulsen, Chief Technology Officer, Diversified.