Ross Video To Bring Camera Motion Systems Solutions To IBC 2019

Ross Video will be bringing the full range of Camera Motion System solutions to IBC 2019, including the all-new SkyDolly ceiling-mounted dolly that was launched at NAB Show earlier this year.

Ross has also pre-announced the launch of version 5 of the SmartShell robotics control system, updated for IBC 2019 to include the new MotionDirector technology on all Furio robotics products.

Commenting on the forthcoming event, Bruce Takasaki, Marketing Product Manager for Camera Motion Systems, said: “NAB Show 2019 saw Ross launch the world’s first 3-wheeled ceiling dolly that safely sits above the rails rather than hanging below them; SkyDolly is a beautifully engineered product and it received a very positive reception at the show. Ceiling-mounted systems open up new creative possibilities and SkyDolly has been designed to lead the market in terms of safety, stability and feature-set. Unlike other ceiling-mounted products, SkyDolly is fast, smooth and can carry a full-size prompter. If a ceiling-mounted system is not right for you, however, we still have the most comprehensive range of rail and pedestal robotic solutions available today and we’re trusted by the biggest names in broadcast to deliver flagship programs every day – it’s no surprise we’re the preferred robotics choice in Europe!”

SmartShell is an intuitive control system that combines a touchscreen interface with an ergonomic joystick control panel, enabling customers to operate their Ross robotic systems through a single control platform using a centralized Ethernet-based architecture. New for IBC 2019, the latest version 5 of SmartShell contains a MotionDirector firmware update for all Furio products. MotionDirector is a new motion control algorithm that provides superior smoothness and more precise control, helping Furio deliver the most natural-looking camera movements, even in demanding dynamic environments. As well as improving the look and feel of moving shots by always ensuring smooth start and stop movements, MotionDirector offers even greater flexibility by providing the ability to make manual camera adjustments and/or duration changes (‘time dilation’) via the joystick panel while the dolly is in motion. Bruce Takasaki sees two important customer benefits here.